Long Waiting Time at Kamigumi Tokyo Container Terminal “Y1”

Serious Congestion at the Kamigumi Tokyo Container Terminal “Y1”

By In Global News On 2nd February 2018

Serious Congestion at the Kamigumi Tokyo Container Terminal “Y1”.

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There has been a serious problem of “Long Waiting Time” occurring at the Kamigumi Tokyo Container Terminal [called “Y1”] since the beginning of January 2018. The situation has gone from bad to worse and now the container drayage truck companies face heavy congestion and long waiting time at Y1 terminal. It takes about 6~9 hours or more to pick-up import containers or return empty containers.

On the 17th of January, Tokyo Trucking Association has taken this situation seriously, submitting an advice sentence to the operating company of Y1 terminal, Kamigumi Co., Ltd., for immediate action but apparently it would take for a while before improvement is seen. Y1 is a newly opened terminal as of the 1st of December 2017 located at Central Breakwater Outer Wharf. COSCO Shipping Lines has started using it as their service by Shanghai PANASIA Shipping.

In the circumstances, most of our partner trucking companies are currently not accepting new orders for pick-up or delivery at Y1. In case that we pick-up or deliver container at Y1, there would be either a delay or additional fees for overtime. Therefore we highly recommend not using a service upon which vessels call at Y1 terminal for a while until the situation gets resolved.

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