Friendship party in Eastern Japan

East Japan District – family party

By In Global News On 19th July 2017

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NNR Global Logistics (Japan) held the first Friendship Party in the East Japan District recently with local families of members of the NNR team attending the celebration.

The party began with an introduction and greetings from Mr. Kitamura, Managing Director of NNR Global Logistics. There was laughter and cheers of support from all over, for the program performed by NNR employees who practiced hard [?!] for this day.

The venue was filled with laugher and smiles and greatly enlivened by the stage magic of Karakuri Doll. The intention is to deepen the interaction between the many NNR local employees and their families who do not normally see each other every day, to create a sense of unity.

Mr Kitamura, Global Managing Director, said;

“We will all take advantage of this sense of unity to help and cooperate with each other and achieve even greater growth. I would like to thank all the members of the Action Committee for their hard work.”

The plan for the group is to promote these friendship parties all over the world.



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