Children are the future! NNR UK enjoy schools educational visit.

Children are the future!

By In Global News On 24th December 2015

NNR UK is proud to be in partnership with Brake. Brake is a charity that provides critical support in campaigning and educating to improve road safety and provide support for devastated road crash victims. Visit Brake by clicking their logo below. 



NNR UK’s Paul Slade and Rachael Reid recently visited St Michael’s R.C. Primary School in Manchester, UK, to raise awareness of road safety and also educate them a little on the amazing world of ‘logistics’!

The day began with NNR presenting the ‘Stay Safe and Arrive Alive‘ campaign, which included some key facts and statistics on road safety such as ‘160 children aged 8 to 11 are hurt or killed on roads every week in Britain.’ The statistics really shocked the children (and the teachers) which spurred a lot of interaction and excitement among them.

By far though, the most exciting part of the day for the children was going outside to see the NNR truck. The children were enthusiastic to learn all about the truck and all got an opportunity to sit in the cab and ask our driver some questions. Physically demonstrating to the children where they can and can’t be seen by the driver, sparked some serious questions from the children and really helped them understand the importance of the campaign.

Unfortunately – or probably fortunately(!) – when it came to demonstrating the stopping capabilities of the truck we had 30+ squashed tomatoes!

The children were shocked when 30 metres were paced out and it was explained that ‘this is where the truck would stop‘ if the driver applied the brakes in an emergency situation from just 30MPH. Evidence again that NNR’s partnership with Brake is hugely important and campaigning to create awareness of road safety is vital – and will save lives.

NNR would like to thank the teachers of St. Michael’s for their great support and Paul, Rachael and Movers Transport for their assistance on the day to make a most worthy cause a great success. Thank you!

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