Challenging times for UK haulage industry

Challenging times for UK haulage industry

By In Global News On 17th July 2015

As the economy recovers after the downturn, UK Transport is now facing its most challenging time to meet the renewed demand.

The container transport sector is now deemed to have reached ‘crisis’ point due to the lack of new drivers, coupled with the loss of those with long term experience reaching retirement age. Recent legislation has also had an impact in calling for obligatory EU CPC qualifications, leading to an increase in more drivers taking early retirement.
The solution lies in the need to recruit 150,000 new drivers by 2020 in order to match predicted demand and avoid detrimental effects to the economy and its recovery. This situation is therefore predicted to impact logistics for some time.

NNR Global continually strives to meet our customer’s expectation to fulfil delivery and collection requirements. We therefore appreciate the support of our customers in being as flexible as possible, during this challenging time.

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